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The Clatter Box is a classic comedy magic prop. The magician asks for the assistance of an audience volunteer and asks the volunteer to hold on display a small beautifully decorated box. Next the performer displays silk handkerchief and proceeds to make the hank disappear. The spectator is invited to open the box, which then falls apart in a comedic fashion. Inside the “remains” of the box is the hank!


This great classic comedic effect is close to 75 years old and yet it remains a staple family effect for many performers. It can also be performed in various other ways as well. For instance, the magician removes a silk hank with a picture of a dog on it. The hank vanishes and the box is opened to reveal a string of sausages (Hot Dogs)! Or the magician might vanish an egg and find a latex chicken hanging from the top. The magician might vanish a handful of flower seeds and when the box is opened, a bouquet of spring flowers is inside! There are of course many other ways to perform this great effect, and with a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless! This great effect is well-made and designed to last. 001CBMCLATTER


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