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This is yet another very nicely made and designed Coin Pail, which enables a magician to perform the classic ‘plucking coins out of thin air” Miser’s Dream effect. This pail or bucket has two Keller Coin Catcher droppers built into the bucket. However unlike the Morrissey Coin Pail droppers that deliver coins into the magician’s hand, the droppers in this pail are designed to allow coins to drop from the droppers inside of the pail downward into the bucket to make the clanging sound.


In essence, after a magician produces a palmed coin, the coin is then apparently dropped into the bucket. In reality the magician retains the coin in the hand and at the same time the fingers push one of the coins from one of the two spring loaded droppers and it drops to the bottom of the pail to make the clanging noise.


This sequence can be repeated over and over to give the illusion that a vast number of coins are being produced from thin air and dropped into the bucket, when in reality it is the same coin being produced over and over.  No longer in production, we only have a couple of buckets still in stock. They are brand new unused stock and once sold, we will remove this item from our website. 0057CBMCOINPAILEXTREME


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