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The magician displays a regular 12” white silk handkerchief and starts pushing it into the top of his closed fist. When the silk hank emerges from the bottom of his fist, the hank changes to the color red! The hands are shown empty both before and after the color change. Nope, there are no dye tubes! Yes, the hanks are regular magician's silk hanks! This is Bruce Chadwick’s invention that he created while in theatre graduate school at Baylor University. The trick saw publication in the parade section of a 1989 issue of the LINKING RING magazine. It is unfortunate that an unscrupulous magic dealer “borrowed” Chadwick’s idea and marketed it under a different name. In magic, we need to give credit where credit is due. Comes complete with gimmick, silk hanks, and complete instructions. If you want the very best color changing handkerchief, this is it. 001CBMCOLORCHANGEHANKREVISED


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