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The magician takes a sheet of paper and forms it into a paper cone. Talking about the magic trick where the magician pours milk into the cone and makes it vanish, the performer explains that the easy way to do the trick would be to sneak a glass into the cone so that the paper doesn’t get wet and leak. 


With this explanation, the magician displays an ordinary looking clear plastic drinking glass and drops it into the cone. “Of course that would be too easy” says the magician. He removes the glass from the cone. “If I were a real magician, I could simply pour liquid directly into the paper cone.” And that is exactly what the performer proceeds to do. 


The magician picks up a container of liquid, such as a cola bottle and proceeds to pour the liquid directly into the cone. Trying to figure the next move, the magician places the glass down into the cone and when it is removed, the glass is full of the same liquid that was originally poured into the cone! The cone is unfurled, and the paper is completely dry! 


In lieu of a paper cone for additional comedy, the performer can use a spectator’s hat, tennis shoe, or similar receptacle. The result is the same. The glass goes into the receptacle, and it comes out full of liquid! With this finely made plastic prop, the magician can make his own Liquid Appear magic trick. Drop the empty glass into a container and when it is removed, the glass is full of liquid! The effect comes with the glass and complete instructions.  009RUMBCCOMEDYGLASSCONE


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