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The magician displays what appears to be a coffin, complete with the traditional display stand on castors. The end of the coffin is opened and a tray is pulled out. Next the magician's assistant lays down on the tray and the tray and girl is pushed back into the coffin. A lit torch tossed into the coffin and the end door is closed. The girl is apparently set on fire! Fire leaps through the opening in the top of the coffin and slight flames can be seen inside the coffin through small slits in front of the coffin box. The performer then removes the lid of the coffin, the four sides are let down, and the remains of the cremated person are displayed via a smoldering skeleton! Despite it's incredible effect, the Cremation (also sometime known as Burned Alive) is relatively safe and easy to perform. While caution must be observed in performing any effect with fire, when properly performed, there is little danger to the person placed inside the coffin. This is an incredible illusion that usually has an outstanding impact upon an audience. By purchasing this illusion, the user assumes all liability for the use or misuse of this product. Buyer beware.


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