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An attractive pyramid-like cabinet is wheeled on-stage. It is revolved 360 degrees and it's emptiness is apparent due to it's four clear plastic sides. The magician then shrouds the illusion with a large cloth covering and spins the illusion around one more time. The covering is then quickly whipped away from the illusion and a beautiful assistant is revealed inside the prop! She then easily exits the illusion through the top trap doors that hinge open.


Our rendition of this famous illusion features a combination of modernistic design and expert craftsmanship. The use of the splayed legs, overall pyramid geometric design, and addition of a half-wedge base brings a deceptiveness to this illusion as never before. The prop is crafted out of top grade birch luan, formica type laminate, and is highlighted by mirrored aluminum trim. The four plastic sides of the illusion are made from Lexan plastic material that is much more durable and scratch resistant as compared to traditional plexiglass or equivalent. Free-wheeling castors and an aluminum bottom on the base completes this phenomenal prop.

This illusion can be performed by two people; the magician and produced assistant. It can be presented up-close and even surrounded, and can play in most performing environments. The upper clear plastic sides and top dismantle from the base so that the illusion can pack as flat as possible. It is a quality piece of magic illusion in every respect that will provide many years of performing satisfaction.


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