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This is a classic of magic, and a time-tested effect that has been around for a long time. And honestely, we have never seen a better made version of this fine effect. The magician displays a nicely decorated wooden cube that has a cord running through its middle. The cube and cord can be thoroughly examined and it is apparent that the cube can move freely up and down the cord. The magician stretches the cord vertically between his hands and drops the cube from the top to the bottom. It falls just as one would expect. But when the magician commands "STOP," the cube freezes in the middle of the cord! The magician can command the cube to start and the cube falls to the bottom. The cube can be used as a sort of mentalism routine too, where the cube stops once on the cord for yes, or stops twice on the cord to answer no. This effect is uncanny, easy to perfom, and a lot of fun. 003RAHCUBIO


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