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The magician displays a deck of Bicycle brand playing cards.  He displays the cards with the face of the cards toward the audience and asks a spectator to name any card, a free choice of any of the 52 cards.  The chosen card is removed from the deck and laid face up on the table or placed face up on the spectator’s opened hand.  The deck is then riffled with the backs toward the audience to show the color of the deck (red or blue).  The spectator turns his selected card over and the back of his card is the opposite color! 


This is a brand new idea for doing the classic Brainwave and Invisible Deck effects.  It was innovated by Bruce Chadwick and Dave Lenardowitz back in the early 1990's. No rough and smooth principle is involved, no counting is required, there are no forces, and there is no sleight-of-hand to learn!  This is a powerful and yet simple easy to do magic effect.  It is an ideal trick for close-up and walk-around performance situations. The trick can immediately resets itself and it can immediately be performed again. Recommended. 005CBMDAVES


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