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Magicians have used "deceptive steps" for many years. Many versions of steps have been created and many illusions have used variations of the steps principle. Unfortunately some steps have not been properly designed. Correctly built, deceptive steps are an incredible way to sneak a person on or off stage. Many effects such as vanishes, productions, and transformations are possible using this unique illusion principle.

We are proud to release our Deceptive Steps and Table combination designed by Bruce Chadwick. With this combination, any illusion such as the DeKolta Chair, vanishes and productions behind a cloth, or any effect performed on top of the table where a person needs to appear, vanish, or change, can occur. 

The steps themselves are made of the finest luan, and are covered with Formica type laminate. The table is incredibly sturdy and features stout and yet removable aluminum legs and support structure. The tabletop is covered with thin carpeting material to expertly hide the trap.

Customization of this prop including color, size, and function are available . Deceptive Steps and Table $5000 FOB. Steps without a table $4000 FOB. Double Steps version  $5000 FOB. Degree of customization other than listed above may increase price quotes.


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