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The magician invites a spectator up onstage and then unveils a unique looking chopping device with an attached knife. The magician then proceeds to cut through a carrot or other vegetable to prove the blade’s effectiveness. The magician coerces the spectator to put their hand through the larger hole, and places carrots in the two smaller holes.


The magician slowly passes the blade downward. The knife cuts through the carrots, but apparently passes magically down through volunteer’s hand! The volunteer is none-the-less for their comedic and harrowing experience. 


This great effect lends itself to all sorts of comic interaction, funny one-liners, and excitement for audiences of all ages. The feet of the prop rotate parallel to the base, which allows the entire prop to lay flat for transport. This great comedy effect was originally designed by the late Lester Lake and released through the Abbott Magic Company. This version provides a more sophisticated natural wood finish that brings modern class to this classic apparatus. Remember, our price includes shipping in the USA! 0003RUMDISECTO


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