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The magician opens the front doors of an ornate cabinet. His assistant enters the illusion. She is secured by arm and leg shackles. The doors are closed, and then the magician takes two large blades and inserts them through the cabinet. One blade apparently goes through the girl's neck and the other is pushed just below her torso. The head box doors are opened to show the girl's head one more time. The bottom doors are opened to show her legs. When the middle doors are opened however, the torso of the girl has vanished! The back door may be opened and the audience can see all the way through the cabinet. The doors are closed, the blades removed, and when the doors are re-opened, the girl has fully reappeared! The shackles are released and the magician and assistant take their bows.

This great illusion prop has been around for a long time and has been featured by many great magicians such as Howard Thurston. The prop is beautifully made with the finest luan and Formica finishes. Various colors and styles are available without extra cost. This is a great illusion that is a real mystery for just about anyone who has seen the illusion performed. Also known as the Girl Without a Middle.


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