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The magician displays a tall upright cabinet. He opens the front doors and shows that the cabinet is only a few inches thick. The magicain's assistant enters the cabinet and shows that she barely fits inside the coffin-like cabinet. She also demonstrates that if she bends down, it would be impossible for her to fit in the lower section alone due to the smallness of the cabinet.


The front doors of the cabinet are closed. Next the magician takes two chrome looking blades and inserts through the mid-section of the cabinet and seemingly cuts his assistant in half. Next the top section of the cabinet is hinged in half and then the two halves are separated. There is just no other otexplanation of how the young lady is could survive theordeal of being cut into two pieces. The two halves are re-united back into the upright position, the blades are removed, and the doors are opened. The lovely asssistant exits the boxes and both performers get their deserved applause.


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