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The magician lowers a hammock-looking net attached to a rectangular framework to the stage floor. His assistant sits down inside the net and the frame and net is then hoisted into the air. The assistant goes from a sitting position to a laying position in the net, and the audience can clearly see the girl suspended in the hammock. With a shot from a starter's pistol or as the result of some other magical moment, the hammock flies open and the girl suddenly vanishes into thin air! The net hangs loosely from its framework, but the girl is gone.

Versions of this incredible illusion have been featured by many of the great magicians of history. It has been called by many names such as the Cargo Net Vanish. In this version, the girl to be vanished is under control of the release mechanism at all times and thus is in control of her own disappearance. The rectangular metal framework is made of aircraft grade aluminum and other fine materials. This illusion does require a black backdrop, some stage lighting control, and theatrical fly lines or other method of winching the frame and net into the air. Some magicians have even built or acquired portable swing set "A frames" so the illusion can be performed where other theatre fly capability is not possible. This illusion packs flat and is less than six inches thick for transport.


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