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These latex eggs are among some of the finest. The look is so real, they will fool a chicken! Because of their design, the classic Egg on Fan trick becomes a cinch. In essence, the magician tears a piece of white tissue paper from a full sheet and precariously balances it on a Japanese fan. The paper is bounced up and down on the fan a few times and the egg magically transforms into an egg! The magician takes the egg and cracks it into a glass.


Or the magician can use a fanned deck of cards in place of the oriental fan. Or the magician can place the torn piece of tissue paper into a brandy snifter or similar glass. The paper can be swirled around inside the glass until it becomes an egg! The egg can then cracked open into the glass to show it is real. Or the trick can even happen between the magician’s palms. 


There have been many versions of the “egg” for the egg and fan trick. Some have been made from real duck or chicken eggs, but they require a constant slather of glycerin to keep them from drying out. This Deluxe Vinyl Egg from Viking avoids these complications. The egg is easy to care for. Simply wash it with a mild detergent like dish soap. It has a natural egg-shell color, can collapse into a small 1/2" square bundle, and opens quickly. The eggs measure about 2-1/4” lengthwise. The eggs can also be used as a comedy production item that can be produced from a wallet, book, production apparatus, or other contrivance. This item is recommended! It’s about time George Robinson finally did something right! 0831RUMDELUXELATEXEGG_VINYL


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