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The magician displays a plad bag, which can be shown to be empty by turning the bag inside out. The magician reaches into the bag and produces an egg. The egg can vanish, reappear, and otherwise provide "eggstraordinary" accomplishments! The late Martin Lewis says, "Nowadays it seems that the egg bag of choice is the Malini Style. I offer my variation of the Senor Mardo bag in my lecture as an alternative. My reasons for preferring this style bag are threefold. It is easier to handle, the (you know what) is invisible even upon direct inspection, and far more effects are possible, as well as some novel moves. I also prefer the brighter coloring. Expert seamstress Gladys Lewis makes these bags and I believe them to be the most practical and deceptive egg bag available." Includes detailed illustrated instructions and of course the finely hand-crafted egg bag. 0003RUMSENORMARD


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