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The Egg Vase works just like the traditional Ball and Vase effect except that instead of a ball an egg is used. The magician displays a perfectly turned wooden vase. He removes the lid and inside is an egg. The egg is removed from the vase and the lid put back on the vase. The egg is placed inside the magician’s pocket or other place out of sight from the audience, or the magician can make the egg vanish using the simple French Drop sleight. When the lid of the vase is removed, the egg is back in the vase! The egg can be made to vanish, appear, and transport from one location to another. This is a great trick to use in conjunction with other egg effects such as the Egg Bag, eggs from mouth, and other effects. The workmanship of this product is exquisite. As per the photos, the vase comes in two different colors, either red or natural wood finish. This is professional magic through and through. Don’t discount this classic effect. Most laymen have never seen the ball and vase effect and it is an astounding effect for all ages. 0041RAHEGGVASE


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