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Payment for Enriched Air Nitrox Course taught be Scuba Bruce Diving. Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) is specially mixed air that has higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content. The advantage of diving with Nitrox is that it gives divers more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. This usually gives divers gives more bottom time and perhaps reduces the risk of decompression sickness. Divers learn how to analyze air, understand depth limitations, label scuba tanks, and other important considerations.


Divers read the Enriched Air Diver Manual and watch the Enriched Air Diving video. The balance comes in a class setting where the Knowledge Reviews are discussed and a simple exam is administered. The minimum age is twelve years old. This specialty is recommended throughout the industry. The class session is generally about two hours in duration.


Please do not sign-up or pay for this course without first conferring with Scuba Bruce Diving to determine availability and class dates. 817-927-0581 Landline (non-texting).




1 - All sales are final and fees are not refundable.

2 - Training must be completed within one year of purchase date. Fees are forfeited after one year.

3 - Other students may be participating in classes. Private training is available for additional cost.

4 - All classes are scheduled according to Scuba Bruce Diving availability.

5 - Charges on credit and debit cards will indicate the company name simply as Bruce Chadwick.


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