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The magician shows what appears to be an ordinary salt shaker. He proceeds to pour the salt into the closed fist of his hand. The audience clearly sees the salt pouring out of the shaker. Then withouth any sudden moves, the magician opens his hand and the salt has vanished! He then covers the shaker with a handkerchief, a moment or two later whips the hank away, and the shaker is full of salt once again! The shaker does all the dirty work. Its kind of like a magic milk pitcher on steroids! The shaker is made of high quality clear plastic with a chromed plated top, and resembles any restraunt table salt shaker. The salt is actually micro glass beads to avoid problems with humidity. The trick is perfect for close-up or stage, for children's and adult audiences. Comes complete with instructions and routines. 0231NUFVE00060


SKU: 0231NUFVE00060
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