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The magician displays a padlock and five keys. The magician explains that only one of the keys will open the lock. The keys are placed into a glass tumbler and a wooden glass coaster is placed over the open end of the glass. They keys are then shaken up and mixed thoroughly. The keys are then poured out onto the coaster and four spectators each take one key. They may trade keys with each other at any time, or trade for a different key from the tray. Each spectator tries to open the lock, but the lock fails to open. The magician takes the last key from the coaster and opens the lock!


Or as an alternate performance idea, the magician takes a hundred-dollar bill and punches a hole in the end. The padlock is inserted through the bill and locked. The routine proceeds as above with the understanding that whoever has the key that opens the lock wins the money. Of course it is the magician who wins! 


This set includes the padlock, keys, wooden coaster tray, and complete instructions. Any drinking glass tumbler or wine glass can be used. While not the same as Ted Annemann’s Seven Keys to Baldpate, the Lock of Gibraltar effect, or the Key-R-Rect effect that was innovated by the late Carl Wolf of Merriss Magic in Louisiana back in the 1960’s, this simple and easy to do version of the same overall effect is classy, easy to do, and great for audiences of all ages. 8800RAHEZCORRECTKEY


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