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Flash string is very similar to flash paper. It appears to be ordinary white cotton string, but it is highly flammable. Ignited by your favorite method such as a match, candle, cigarette lighter, or other flame source, this string burns incredibly fast and leaves behind no traceable ash or residue. It has been used by magicians for years to produce a flash which turns into an appearing cane, silk hank, rose, etc. Included is an ample supply of string, about seventeen feet in length. String only. No instructions. Note that we cannot sell this item to minors. By ordering you are making the promise that the buyer and user is a legal adult. Also note that flash products use fire and the Illusion Warehouse makes no promise regarding the safe use of this product. Buyer beware. Use with prudence and caution. Also it is AGAINST FEDERAL LAW for us to ship this item through the US Mail.  It must be picked-up at our store or shipped through UPS for additional charge. Please inquire before ordering. 386RUMHAZ_FLASHSTR


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