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This is a very old and classic magic effect. The magician displays a tall conical metal can and proceeds to pour a glass of water or other liquid into the can. When the can is turned upside down however, the water doesn't run out! Has it disappeared? A magic wand or stick can be pushed up inside the can and banged around to compound the mystery. The magician turns the can back upright and then proceeds to pour the liquid back out of the can! Or via the magic of a drop of food coloring in the can prior to the performance, when the water reappears and is poured back out of the can, the liquid can be seen to change color!


You may notice another Foo Can listed on our website for a less expensive price. The difference is that this model is made out of copper by the now defunct Morrissey Magic company in Canada. These are no longer available to magic shops and we only have one in stock. It is beautifully hand-made and definitely a collector's item. Get it while you can! 001CBMFOOCANCLASSIC


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