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A spectator from the audience is coerced onto the stage and then seated on a stool. A "television-looking" cabinet on four castered legs is wheeled in front of the spectator. The audience can clearly see the spectator's head at this point through the cabinet's open front. The magician begins to manipulate the dials on the front of the cabinet, and the spectator's head visibly dematerializes into a skull. The skull can then be removed from the box and displayed to the audience. The skull is replaced back into the cabinet through the cabinet's open front, the dials are manipulated once again, and the spectator is completely restored!


This miniature version of the famous Pepper's Ghost or Blue Room illusion is great for any type of spook show, haunted attraction, or magic show. The illusion features the finest in materials and craftsmanship to make it the best version built of this classic.


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