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The magician displays an ornate colored cloth bag. He turns the bag inside out to show a different color and pattern. Suddenly the magician turns the bag inside out once again to show an even different cloth color and pattern! This inside-out movement is repeated five full times and each time the bag inside is different. Lastly, the magician can unzip the bag and pull out handkerchiefs or other items for use in his next trick!


This bag is beautifully made with quality materials and sewing craftsmanship. Note however that the manufacturer often varies the fabric colors and fabric patterns. Rarely are two Gag Bags exactly the same, and please note that the bags we carry at the Illusion Warehouse will probably vary from the photos used on this website. The trick is visual, easy to do, and great for both children and family audiences.


The trick was invented by Texas magician Dr. Cleve Haubold, Ph.D, and who was a professor of theatre at the University of Texas at Austin. He is perhaps best known in magic as Van Cleve and wrote a column in the LINKING RING magazine for years called "Elwood Rabbit Rites." 0042IPGAGBAG


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