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Game of Aces is a terrific card effect that uses some specially made gaffed cards to create some astonishing magic. From a deck of cards, the magician places four aces face-up in a row onto the table. He then trumps each ace with three indifferent cards placed face-down onto each ace. The aces in three of the packets mysteriously vanish. When the three cards on the last ace are turned face-up, there are the missing aces. This is a truly baffling effect, which is a variation of “MacDonald’s Aces.” The trick comes with a protective plastic wallet, special printed Bicycle air cushion finish cards, illustrated reference guide, and instant online access to video learning. This effect is based on a creation of Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser (1806-1875 Vienna Austria). His “The Power of Belief” was used as his finale effect. Later magician Mac McDonald (1907-1982 USA) made the trick famous as his MacDonald's Aces; first published in More Inner Secrets (1960) as McDonald's $100 Routine. Other great effects have evolved from this by magician legends such as Frank Garcia Derick Dingle & Gary Ouellet.057MM3003


SKU: 057MM3003
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