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The magician displays a large open-ended tube mounted on an open front cubical base. The audience can see all the way through the tube as well as into the open base. Next the performer displays two paper-covered drumheads. He places one head on each end of the tube to form one gigantic drum-like object. The entire illusion is spun around to show nothing hidden anywhere around the illusion. The magician then pops his hand through the front paper drum and proceeds to pull what seems like mile after mile of silk handkerchiefs, ribbons, and other objects from the drum. In the Blackstone and Calvert traditions, large clotheslines of flags from nations around the world are produced. The magician can even burst his hand through the front paper drumhead and produce small livestock. Finally the magician pulls the drumhead away to reveal his beautiful assistant!


This classic prop has been around for years. Our  model of this fine prop eliminates the need for the drum to be raised-up into the air by a fly or other lifting system, as per previous versions of the illusion. This makes the illusion small and portable enough to be performed virtually anywhere including on the stage, ballroom or church platform, or even flat-floor with the audience. Formica type laminate covers the lower cubical box to resist scratches and abrasions. The tubular drum is covered with fine carpeting material to resist marring and last for years. 


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