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The performer displays an ornate handkerchief and spreads it out flat on a table. Then he folds the corners inward to form a bundle. Suddenly something starts to seemingly grow inside the handkerchief. It gets larger and seems to pulsate as it grows. Could it be a ghost or some sort of other uncanny unseen supernatural force? The magician grabs one of the corners of the hank and shakes it out! There is nothing there! The handkerchief is empty! What on earth did we just see? The magician re-folds the hank and puts it away. Glorpy is simple, easy to do, and is always ready to perform. It requires no advance preparation or set-up. One only needs the handkerchief and a table surface to perform. This is a great trick people! It is a magic classic that is just as astounding today as it was years ago. 053NUFLO00050


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