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Long off the market, Chazpro has finally re-released their comical Hank The Pet Handkerchief! This fun-filled utility item can be used in a variety of ways. In essence, it is a white pocket handkerchief with a whimsical “mouth” silk screened in the middle. The hank is placed over the magician’s hand and the magician uses fingers to open and close his mouth, make the hank talk, chew, swallow, etc. The magician can place any small object into the hank and “chomp, chomp, chomp,” when the mouth is uncrumpled, the object has vanished!


The hank can be used to vanish and appear coins using simple retention vanishes, or favorite gaffed coins such as Scotch and Soda, Hopping Half, and $1.35 Trick can be used. Or how about a funny card trick? A spectator selects a card, which is then lost in the deck. The deck is dropped into Hank's mouth, where he then attempts to 'suck' the card to the top of the deck. He apparently fails, but when the deck is checked, the chosen card is found with bite marks! ("Bitten Cards" are included.)


Use the hank with sponge ball effects to bite a single sponge ball into two balls, make them vanish and appear, chew a sponge ball into a square or rabbit or grow! Many different thumb tip tricks can be performed with hank to vanish, change, restore or appear items. Imagine putting a lit cigarette into Hank's mouth! Short pieces of yarn can be used to restore into one long piece in the hanks mouth! Produce a mouth coil from hank’s mouth.


Included is Hank The Pet Handkerchief, which is a quality man's white handkerchief measuring about 16 inches square. Also included are two “bite cards” made with Bicycle poker sized playing cards, one red back and one with a blue back. Hank comes complete with instructions of course, and included lots of other ideas that can utilized with the handkerchief. The magician will need to provide their own coins, sponge balls, yarn, thumb tip and other items to be used in conjunction with this fun and wonderful effect. 7911RUMHANKPETHANKY


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