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The magician displays a tube with black polka-dots. He can casually show the tube empty, and can even take his magic wand or other stick and rattle it around inside the tube to further prove the tube’s innocence. Holding the tube in his hand, the magician talks about “heavy air.” He uses imagination to scoop air and stuff it into the tube. Next he displays a small ball and drops it into the tube. To the audience’s amazement, the ball does not fall out the other end! Could “heavy air” really be the culprit that keeps the ball suspended in the tube? Upon his verbal command, the ball drops out the bottom of the tube. The magician can even drop the end of a piece of rope into the tube, which somehow immediately becomes stuck inside the tube. Again upon his command, the rope becomes loose again! In the end, the tube is once again shown to be completely empty. This is a very nice effect that will delight audiences of all ages. Comes with tube and complete instructions. Use your own rope, ball, or other objects to drop into the tube. 0042CBM 


SKU: 0042CBM 
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