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Hidden in Plain Sight is the most complete manual for marked cards ever published. Author Kirk Charles explores this powerful tool of card magic. From the history of marked cards to more modern developments in "reader" technology, Charles breaks down the advantages, disadvantages and nuances of marked crds. He discusses commercially available decks as well as how to prepare  custom-marked decks at home. He delves into the psychology involved in performing with a marked deck, from strategies for misdirection to key cards, stacked decks, and mnemonics. Included is an entire chapter of easy-to-do miracle material that requires little if any sleight of hand. Best of all, Hidden in Plain Sight details the workings of the finest marked cards on the market, the Boris Wild Marked Deck (available uder the CARDS section of this website). A lengthy chapter, written by Boris Wild himself details the nuts and bolts of his stellar system, and includes two blockbuster tricks that will fool not only laymen but magicians as well! 027NUFBO01680


SKU: 027NUFBO01680
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