This is the famous Hippity-Hop Rabbits trick in miniature! It is absolutely beautiful, and so petite with each gree box standing only about four inches tall! Also unlike other versions, this model features a magnetic principle. Two flat cut-out rabbits are displayed. They are covered with the rectangular tubes and the rabbits and tubes are turned around. When the tubes are removed, the rabbits have changed color! Repeat the covering, uncovering, and turning the rabbits around and the rabbits are back to their same position. The audience of course just knows that the rabbits are each one color on one side and the other color on the other side! When the rabbits are finally turned around, each rabbit is a different color all together! This is another classic. Traditionally a children’s trick, with the right patter and presentation, it can play equally well to adults too. 001CBMHIPPITYMINI


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