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The hooked coin (aka “Hoo Coin”) is one of the most powerful secret weapons in the arsenal of the coin magician. The working of the coin is devastatingly simple and thus often overlooked by the uninitiated. Perhaps worse, the coin is often discounted because cheap poorly made versions sometimes appear in badly designed beginner magic kits. However for the magician who can do simple sleight-of-hand such as the tourniquet, French drop, retention vanish, fingertip vanish, or other basic transfer sleight, the coin becomes a devastating weapon. Imagine doing a simple move where the coin is apparently placed from one hand to the other, and then the hand still retaining the hidden coin simply sweeps the hooked coin on the back of his trousers. When the coin vanish climax is made, the coin really seems to vanish!  Both hands are shown completely empty! In the same way, the procedure can be reversed, and a simple production can be made. The Hoo Coin we sell is made from a real half dollar, and a precision hook is installed that has the right depth and height. The magician who will take the time to learn the handling of this apparatus will have a trick that will be performed for a lifetime. 0690RUMTHOOKEDHALF


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