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The magician displays an ordinary empty plastic glass. Talking about the laws of science and the property of gravity, he scoops-up a glass full of water from a bucket, bowl, or other container. He also shows a small square piece of newspaper, dips it into the bucket of water and carefully places it over the mouth of the water-filled glass. Then he turns the glass upside down and the liquid does not pour out! It is if the newspaper is acting like a cover of some sort, keeping the liquid in the glass. "That is science" says the magician. The magician then grabs hold of one of the newspaper corners and carefully removes it. Now the glass is upside down, no covering over the mouth of the glass, and the liquid remains suspended into the glass. "And this is magic" says the magician. Upon his command the liquid sudden releases from inside the glass and cascades down into the bucket. This is a classic trick in magic and perhaps one of the best models ever made. Many magicians use a drop of red or other color food coloring in the water to make it more visible. Either way, this is a great trick. Comes complete with glass and instructions. Use your own bucket and water of course. 057RUMBCHYDROGLASS


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