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Here is an interesting illusion, and an excellent example of the custom illusion work of Chadwick Illusion Fabrications. This prop was made for Branson, Missouri Magician and Animal Trainers Blake Walker. Blake wanted a prop based upon the old "Run Rabbit Run" effect. In this stage version, Blake gets a small child up from the audience to assist him with his "Vanishing Ball" trick. He positions the child on the right stage end of the table. He puts a small red rubber ball on this same end of the table, and then holds a large handkerchief in front of the ball, to obscure the ball from the child's view. The audience then sees a small dog come running out of the red dog house, take the ball, and run back into the house. When Blake removes the handkerchief, to the child, the ball has vanished! Blake continues vanishing balls, the audience seeing clearly what is going on each time, until finally the child becomes aware of where the ball is going. "Hey, there's a dog in that dog house" says Blake. Blake lifts the roof of the dog house, the four red sides fall down, and sure enough, there is a dog. However the dog is a large dalmation! The small dog has changed into a giant sized breed!


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