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The Keller Coin Catcher is an incredible prop for the magician who wants to pluck coins out of thin air! Attributed to the famed magician Harry Keller, this gimmick can be loaded with US half dollar coins. It is then held in the hand, aided by the finger clips to keep it snuggled against the inside fingers. The magician simply reaches up into the air and seemingly produces a coin! This can be done over and over until the gimmick is depleted. This is a great gimmick for the Miser’s Dream effect with a coin bucket, drinking glass, or other receptacle. The prop is well made, painted flesh color, and unfortunately discontinued by the now defunct Morrissey Magic products company in Canada. We’ve only got one or two of these left in stock. After there are sold, we will delete this item from the Illusion Warehouse website. Needless-to-say, get it while you can. 001CBMKELLERCOINCATCH


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