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The magician explains that as a thank you gift, children at an elementary school where he recently performed sent him a deck of cards they made. The magician shows the deck front and back to show the various images the children drew. Of course its ashame the children drew different backs on the cards, because if they were the same, the magician could actually use the kid's cards and do one or more cards tricks with them. So what's the solution, the magican suddenly changes the hand-drawn cards into a regular deck of cards! Each card has the same back and regular faces, just like any other regular deck of cards. Wait a minute! That might be a little insulting to the kids. Humm. Suddently the magician changes the cards back into the original kids-drawn cards. Based upon the Mental Photography deck principle, the trick is mostly self-working. Each deck comes with instructions and a custom printed box. 009NUFMS00340


SKU: 009NUFMS00340
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