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Yeah, we know, we know. We couldn’t believe it either when one of our suppliers announced the current availability of this classic of magic that many of us had when we were kids! Long off the market, this little gem features the exact same construction as the original. It even comes with the iconic box that teased many of us in the catalogs when we were kids. The magician displays a small plastic sarcophagus with a little King Tut resting inside. He removes Tut and asks a spectator to place Tut back in his mummy case. They can’t do it! When they place King Tut into his sarcophagus, he jumps right out again! It’s as if two magnets are repelling each other! However the magician can take Tut and place him right back into his case. A fun trick that all ages can enjoy. And besides, you need one just for your magic collection. You’d better get it while you can! You’ll regret it later if you don’t! 893RUMKINGTUT


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