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The magician forms a sheet of paper into a cone (this may be done before the show) and then proceeds to pour milk into the cone from his Magic Milk Pitcher. Upon opening the cone the milk has vanished! Where did the milk go?  The magician turns the paper around and shows a cartoon picture of a kitty cat licking his chops!


KITTY KAT KONES, originally produced by EZ Magic, give the traditional “milk poured into a paper cone and then vanishes” effect a great comedy finish. Printed on white letter-sized paper, the cones are blank on one side and have a printed cartoon of a comic cat licking his chops on the other! Or KITTY CAT KONES may be pasted on the inside of a large sheet of newspaper if preferred. They can be used repeatedly. However, a generous supply of 20 printed papers are supplied. 001NBMKITTYCATCONES


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