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The magician introduces a 7” x 9” piece of polished metal with a hole in the center. It can be openly displayed and may even be passed for examination. Next an upper and lower portion of a wood stock is introduced. The upper stock is put in place on top of the lower stock. The two stacked pieces of stock form a hole and the the metal plate is dropped into the completed stock. The hole in the metal plate and the hole in the stock line-up perfectly.


The metal plate is raised and a dove is perched in the hole. Suddenly the magician drops the shiny metal plate down into the stock. However the dove is not harmed and indeed, seems impervious to the amazing penetration! The top half of the wooden stock is removed and the metal plate is lifted out of the lower part of the wooden stock. The dove is still perched in place through the center hole of the metal plate!


This is truly a startling effect. The wood stock is lacquered in blue and black, which contrasts nicely with the white dove and the chromed metal. The illusion comes complete with everything except the dove. Note that instead of a dove, any other object that will fit through the hole may be used, such as a balloon, silk handkerchief, and so forth. This is a vintage Abbott made effect created by the late Neil Foster is in good condition for its age. This item is no longer made and we only have one available. 001CBMLAPALOMA


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