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This is perhaps the best and certainly the most diabolic pail ever devised to do the classic Miser’s Dream routine where the magician seemingly plucks coins out of thin air and drops them in the bucket. This chrome champagne bucket cleverly conceals two Keller Coin Catcher gimmicks that facilitate the production of half-dollars out of mid-air from empty hands. This is a great looking and sounding pail from the 1970s-era. It is a used Abbott’s Magic and Manufacturing prop that shows use, but it is still in very good workable condition. The pail is 7 inches tall by 7 3/4 inches across at the handles. These are becoming more and more difficult to find. It's a great collector's piece however, and is ready for immediate use! 901CBMABBOTTCOINPAIL


$350.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
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