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A beautiful maiden dressed in a long flowing gown lies down on an ornate couch. At the magician's command, the girl starts to slowly float up into the air!  The couch is wheeled away and the lady floats effortlessly as if resting on a cloud. The magician may walk away from the suspended maiden and there is no apparent means of support.  A hoop may even be passed around the girl at any point.  The couch is replaced and the maiden floats back down to the couch. She rises up and the magician and assistant take their well-deserved applause.


This levitation illusion is a "through the curtain" type of levitation machine.  Traditionally named an "aga levitation," this method is perhaps one of the oldest and most sound methods of accomplishing this classic magic feat.  Utilizing machine shop tolerances and a state-of-the-art lifting mechanism, the illusion can be performed virtually anywhere there is a backdrop. Curtains can include the pre-hung drapery of a theatre stage, or a simple pipe and drape type trade show curtain that the magician can bring himself. Additionally, the illusion has been built with a gooseneck principle so that any hoop may be used to sway the audience from the suspicion that support is coming from the upstage curtain area.

Not a modified Super-X. No below the stage mechanisms. No black art principles and NO MOREnoisy pneumatics, leaky hydraulics, and squeaking gears! The ultimate through-the-curtain type levitation. The machine has plenty of lift so that the girl can rise about four feet into the air.


Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy die cast housed screw type levitating unit is the same principleas used on aircraft wing sweeps and thrust reversers! Patented built in brake prevents self lowering.


Rise motion is very quiet and is neither jerky nor hesitant. The unit provides a smooth push-pulllinear force. Dependable electric lift action pulls less than 300 watts and limit switches allow the performer to adjust stroke extension and retraction. Rise is under complete control of the girl at all times. The illusion comes complete with machine, couch, and complete instructions. Hoop and backdrop not included. 


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