The magician cleanly shows a four-sided cone on front and back. He folds the cone into an upside-down pyramid shape, reaches inside, and produces an array of various silk handkerchiefs. The cone can be opened anytime during the production to show it empty, and yet the production can continue as soon as the magician folds the cone back into the upside-down pyramid shape.  The Lewis Cone can be used to vanish, change silk handkerchiefs from one color to another, do blendos, mis-made effects or even produce other flat items such as ribbons and the like. It is self-contained and made by professional bookbinders to stand-up to wear and tear. Colors of cones vary and each cone is about eleven inches tall. Note that this item has been discontinued from the manufacturer and we only have two or three left in stock. Get it while you can. CBMLEWISCONE