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Well, this one hasn't been on the market for a long time! Thanks to a similar trick from Bazar De Magia in Argentina, the Illusion Warehouse is proud to reintroduce this fantastic trick! A small can with lid and a empty drinking glass are displayed to the audience. The magician opens the can, drops the glass down inside, and then replaces the lid on the container. Immediately the magician can open the container and remove the glass, which is now full of milk or other liquid! This is a great trick for blowing up a latex surgical glove so it looks like a cow's udder, comically "milking" the udder, and then a moment later showing the appearance of the glass of milk! Or use the Liquid Appear in combination with a Magic Milk Pitcher or Magic Milk Glass. "Pour" liquid into a volunteer's ear, milk their arm up and down like a old-fashioned pump handle, and then show the appearance of the liquid! This trick is very nicely made and comes complete with instructions. Cow not provided. 001CBMFOOCANCLASSIC


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