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The magician shows a deck of cards to be in “new deck order.” He riffles through the cards and asks a spectator to say stop to select a card. After a card is chosen, the cards are padlocked together with a padlock through the hole neatly punched all the way through one end of the deck. A handkerchief is introduced and the magician places the locked deck of cards under the handkerchief. In a split second, the magician removes one card from under the handkerchief. Keeping the face of the card away from the audience, he places the card face down on the table. The handkerchief is removed from the he deck of cards and they are shown to still be padlocked together. The magician gives the locked deck to the spectator who chose the card and is requested to look through the deck to find his card. The card is not found! It has vanished from the deck! The card on the table is turned over and shown to be the spectator's choice! Made from Bicycle cards, the trick comes complete with cards, padlock and complete instructions. This is a novel and uncanny card trick that will delight just about any audience. Handkerchief not included. 005CBMLOCKEDDECK


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