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This is a very good mentalism/magic effect for children and family audiences by Gustavo Raley. The magician shows a drawing board with an M&M chocolates motif and draws a picture of one of the M&M cartoons as directed by an audience member. A color for the M&M is then chosen from a montage of colors. When the drawing is pulled from the frame, the picture is now colored in the exact same color selected by the assistant! If that isn’t enough, when the board is turned over, the palette of colors have all transformed into the chosen color! And climax after climax, suddenly a package of M&M's falls from behind the board, which is given to the volunteer who loaned assistance. This is fun-filled routine has lots of magic surprises and is very easy to perform. It is attractively made, lays flat inside the magician’s carrying case, and is full of great surprises. 0063RUMMANDMAGIC


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