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This is a copy of the Magic and Showmanship lecture given by Bruce Chadwick at the September 2023 New Mexico Magic Festival. These notes cover the 100 PowerPoint slides, which have been saved in this wonderful PDF file. This incredible presentation covers showmanship and explains how it turns magic into performance art. Various actor skills and basic theatrical techniques are explained in the presentation including the importance of the body center line, how to pass one object from hand to hand, how to properly position volunteers onstage, body posture, stooping, kneeling, and stance. Also included are movement, crossing basic blocking rules, principles of voice and diction, sight, performance types, projecting to the back wall, characterization, applause, interest curves, the power of three, and basic techniques to focus of attention.

Bruce Chadwick has been a fulltime professional magician since 1980 and has performed thousands of shows nationally and internationally. Bruce holds a Master of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from Baylor University with an emphasis on acting, directing, and theatrical design. He is highly regarded among his peers as a special effects consultant and expert in the field of illusion mechanics. 001CBMMAGICSHOWMANSHIP


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