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The Magic Coloring Book is one of the most astounding effects in magic, and a great effect for children and family audiences. A coloring book is shown to the audience have all blank pages. The magician then closes the book and when reopening it and flipping through the pages, the pages all have lined pictures as per any other regular children's coloring book. Once again the book is closed  reopened, and all the pictures are full color colored in!

The quality of this new coloring book is excellent. The books are made from a high-quality, thick, no bleed stock paper. The cover has a UV coating to provide a long-lasting professional look. The images are large and contain actual magic tricks and Illusions such as the cups and balls, ball and vase, zig zag rabbit in the hat, rising card and other classic magic effects. This three-way coloring book by MMS is basically self-working. Each book is individually wrapped and comes complete with online instructions. 0052RUMMAGICSHOW_STD


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