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This is an excellent resource guide full of ideas on how to plan and host magic conventions. Included in the guide is information on convention registrations, dealing with hotels, ideas on creating effective registration schedules, dealing with talent, dealers and lecturers. There is great information on how to make close-up shows effective, good website ideas, dealing with finances, transportation, ticket sales, promotions, hotel hospitality, theatre considerations, and committee profiles. The manual is not a definitive "here is how you have to do it" sort of guide. Rather the guide is a cumulation of many years of experience working with the national SAM, IBM, and TAOM magic conventions. Even if a club or someone hosting a convention gets only a couple of ideas out of the book, the cost for the book will be extremely worthwhile. This manual can save convention planners hundreds of dollars and reduce many headaches!


SKU: 001mbcplanningguide
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