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The magician shows a large glass filled with milk and proceeds to pour the contents into a paper cone. The cone is unfurled and the milk disappears without a trace! In its place can be confetti, streamers, hanks, a feather flower boquet, candy, etc, or the milk can just simply vanish! 


The magician can even cover the glass with a handkerchief. When the hank is whipped away, the milk is back in the glass! Pour the milk into a paper sack, bag, hat, or other receptacle. Use the milk glass to apparently add milk to a dove pan for a baking a cake routine. The possibilities are endless.


There is absolutely zero preparation with this quality German made product. The glass is always sealed with the liquid inside and there is no chance of spillage. The trick is can be set in a matter of two seconds, which makes it always ready for the next performance. The glass has a height of 5.5 inches and top diameter of 3.5 inches. It is easily visible from the largest stage.


Not since the days of the old Abbott Sealed Milk Pitcher and the MAK Magic Germain Sealed Milk Glass (both no longer available) has there been a finer sealed milk glass. The MILK WONDER GLASS is a professional prop and comes complete with instructions. We highly recommend this product. Our price includes shipping in the USA. 0083RUMMILKWONDERPER




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