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The Secrets of the Great Magicians magic set is one of the best beginner magic tricks on the market. It features a beautiful full-color box. The world of magic explodes inside with very well-made magic tricks including  Goshman-made sponge balls, a Penetration Frame, Chain Escape, Magic Wand, Drawer Box, Rice Bowls, Wonder Blocks and much, much more. Here’s the best part however, (especially for you adults out there giving the set to children who will then as you for help!), the set comes with an hour-long instructional DVD showing how to perform all the tricks in the set!  Many magicians have started their careers with a quality magic set just like this. Don’t spend money on cardboard props and questionable tricks like found in the magic sets on toy store shelves. Get a magic set made by magicians, with tricks chosen by magicians who love the art of magic and want to see it prosper. 0071NUFRY01270


SKU: 0071NUFRY01270
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