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The magician displays an ordinary looking tea pot and three clear drinking glasses. The magician pours red liquid out of the kettle into one of the glasses. He opens the tea pot lid and removes a dry red silk handkerchief! Likewise the magician pours into the second glass more liquid, but this time it is blue! He opens the tea pot lid and removes a dry blue hank. The same procedure is repeated one more time. The third time green liquid is poured, and a dry green hank is produced. For the climax, the magician pours all the colored liquid from the three glasses back into the tea pot and then pours clear liquid from the pot!


This is a great effect in magic that is very easy-to-do and yet has great appeal to both kids and adults. The inspiration for the trick was probably the Vaudeville act of “Think a Drink Hoffman.” The tea pot version was first marketed by U. F. Grant and his company, and then later for several years by the MAK Magic company. Since then, numerous other manufacturers have produced the effect. The Illusion Warehouse includes the Tea Pot AND UNLIKE OUR COMPETITORS, everything else needed to perform the effect including the silk hanks, glasses, and the dye for the liquids! Note from the photos that the tea pots do vary in color depending upon the whim of the manufacturer. Complete instructions are included.  04CBMMAGICTEAPOT


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